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Hebei Huahuang Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. is focusing on environment-friendly products, mainly devoting to manufacturing and technical improving of activated carbon and filter materials for water treatment and air purification. Huajie activated carbon is based on coal, wood, coconut shells and other carbonaceous materials, by manufacturing process such as carbonization, activation ,crushing, screening...in physical methods or chemical formula; And Acid/Water washing, Impregnated if requested.Our activated carbon's internal pore structure is very developed, and with large surface area, powerful adsorption ability.Widely used in domestic power, metallurgy, steel, water companies, paper mills, coal washing, textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, electronics, pharmace...
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  • International testing standards

    International testing standards

    Good workmanship guaranteed

  • Two detection processes

    Two detection processes

    Develop a one-stop service solution

  • Modern production equipment

    Modern production equipment

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